Worship of God is at the heart of all that we do. Services vary in style and are led by either a Minister or a lay preacher. Holy Communion is available monthly and is offered to all who love the Lord Jesus or who seek to love him, children as well as adults.

Service and Evangelism

Central to our calling is to be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice. As well working with the local community we currently support the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

House Groups meet regularly for fellowship, prayer, Bible study and discussion.

Our Community

The Church aims to engage with the wider community through a wide range of groups and activities which are open to all. 

There are events held at the Church Centre regularly throughout the year. These include an annual Art Exhibition,Jumble Sales, Folk Concerts, Book Sales and Quizzes. The Church has a group of trained listeners who attend Thursday coffee mornings and other events to be available for anyone who wants to talk to them.

We also support community organisations through the letting of premises. The Wallingford Volunteer Centre operates from our premises offering transport and company.The Church supports the Wallingford Emergency Food Bank and Street Pastors.

Some History

Methodism in Wallingford has a long history. According to his Journal, John Wesley himself visited the town on at least 4 occasions. In October 1769 "The whole town seemed flocking together, rich and poor, in the evening, and received the word with joy. Abundance of people came again at five in the morning and were ready to devour the word." 

A year later Wesley "set out for Oxfordshire and was thoroughly wet on my way to Wallingford. The congregation was large and deeply serious." The present Church building, in St. Leonard's Square, is situated at one end of the town centre. Built in 1873, the premises have been modernised and extended in recent years, to serve a growing congregation. 


Wallingford Church is part of the Methodist Church in Britain, which itself is part of the World Methodist Council,linking us to Methodists around the world. Locally, we are one of nine churches in the Wantage and Abingdon Circuit (group of churches).

Methodism started as a revival movement in the eighteenth century. its founder, John Wesley, emphasised the link between personal faith and social action. This is still a central aspect of Methodism.

The Calling of the Methodist Church is to respond to the Gospel of God's love in Christ, and to live our discipleship in worship and mission.

Our church works alongside other churches as part of Churches Together in the Wallingford Area (CTWA).