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Rev. Josclyn Bennett

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Rev. Keith. Underhill

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We have been alerted by Rev'd Martin Wellings Superintendent of the 

Oxford Circuit to a scam which is currently doing the rounds.

"Church members are receiving emails, purporting to be from known

ministers, asking them to make an online purchase - e.g. an Amazon gift

voucher - on the minister's behalf, because (s)he is too busy to buy a

present for a family member.

There are some variants on this, but the basic point is asking people to

buy something online on behalf of a minister.

We've received a warning from our colleagues in the Diocese of Oxford,

but before this came through, two members of one of our own churches

were targeted by this fraud, using a minister's name. The sending email

wasn't one of ours.

26 May 2020 - a statement from the President & Vice-President of the Methodist Church

on “The responsibilities of leadership during coronavirus”

Coronavirus guidance

It is with sadness that worship services and other meetings in Wallingford Methodist Churches are suspended for the time being in line with Government guidance

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